Senator (Book Review)

Senator is a fictional account of a Republican US Senator from Massachusetts written by Richard Bowker. Full disclosure, Richard Bowker is my brother. But to be fair, I paid full price for the Kindle version. Actually, I think I bought the hard cover version when it was first published back in the mid 1980’s.


Senator is the story of a young US Senator from Massachusetts who in the first chapter discovers that his mistress has been murdered. The plot thickens. It’s quite a mess for a Senator up for reelection.

The story unfold quickly as we discover the many characters and potential killers of the young reporter. Many times throughout the book, I had to remind myself that this was fiction. The murder adds a whole new dimension to the stresses of running for high political office.

So who killed Amanda? Was it his wife? His brother Danny? His old college roommate? One of his aides? I won’t tell, you’ll have to read the book.

Senator is the second of four books by Richard that have been e-published. Available both from Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble. Worth the price. Other books include “Pontiff”, “Replica” and “Dover Beach”


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