What a mad house

Six days to go. Closing is scheduled at bank’s atty in Acton. Sent in payoff report for the mortgage. Welcome to the asylum.

Filled the blue trash bin to overflowing. Good thing that trash pickup is tomorrow. Had to use one overflow bag for extra trash. Put out the recycle bins. There is still much junk to go.

Tomorrow. Movers scheduled to get us mostly packed and POD loaded. Fire Dept guy is coming back to reinspect smoke alarms.

The guy who is buying Neil’s bed finally called and said he would have trailer tomorrow afternoon to pickup bed and other stuff.

Piano has to be moved tomorrow to church. DR set is going to Susan and Jerod McLay.

I played Bach’s Wachet Auf at church this morning. I wish I could play it as good as some of the musicians I have heard.

We went down to try and visit the “Job Lane” house in Bedford. Too bad, not open today. Job Lane was one of the original settlers of Bedford back in the 18th century. We’ve lived here for 34 years and never got around to go visit. It’s open next Sunday, so we’ll get to see it before we blow town.


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One Comment on “What a mad house”

  1. Mary Flaherty Says:

    You guys have done an amazing job! I’m trying to motivate my husband to downsize NOW. He is a pack-rat. I like you blog!

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