Another eventful day in our moving adventure. Se spent last night at a reception for two of the Deputy Grand Matrons at Palestine Chapter in Newtonville. Late night, got home at 11:30pm.

Today, made calls to pods.com to talk about how we are going to move our stuff to So Cal. The concept is that they take a “pod” to your location for you to fill up with your stuff. Once full, you call them up and send it on its way. At the other end, one has the pod sent to your destination where you unload.

Seems to work for us. Conventional movers don’t seem interested in the amount of stuff we had to move. It’s not cheap mind you. We will be spending about $4500 to move a pod sized 7’x7’x8′ from Billerica to San Pedro.

For relaxation we went to FCCB for weekly bible study. 17 people showed up for Pizza and Romans Chapter 7.

We also talked with local mover who will help us pack and load the pod. He will also be moving the piano to the church.

We talked with our RE agent about overall progress towards closing on the 22nd.

Installed three new smoke detectors that meet the new requirements for the Fire dept. Called Fire inspector for recheck.

Finally loaded up four bins with LP records for the Lodge yard sale. Dinner of BBQ pork chops and fresh green beans.


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